Griff Malleck

Griff is the heart of Red Willow Chemical! We wouldn't be here without him. He has over 40 years of experience in the chemical and aerial sections. 

FUN FACT: Griff's favorite place to eat in town is Taste of Texas! 

Tammy Stewart
Finance Manager
Human Resources

Tammy heads up our financial department and also serves as our human resources person! She takes care of our finances and our employees!

FUN FACT: Tammy loves dogs! She has two dogs - Stewart and Buddy.

Cleo Spencer

Cleo is in charge of making sure our operations run smoothly. He helps out in every department where needed and makes our business decisions!

FUN FACT: Cleo is actually a Sour Patch Kid! 

Billy Jones
Certified Professional Agronomist

Billy is one of our sales guys and also our agronomy expert. He will help create a plan for whatever your individual needs are! 

FUN FACT: Billy was in the military and he also works as a security guard at the hospital! 

Chad Magnuson
Sales Manager

Chad is one of our sales guys. He is always striving to get our customers the best products for the best prices! 


Dave Lytle

Dave is one of our salesmen. He also helps out where needed in the warehouse and does some deliveries for us!

FUN FACT: Dave enjoys building cars with his son in his free time! 

Pablo Marquez

Pablo takes care of our warehouse and helps keep everything organized! 

FUN FACT: Pablo likes to play tennis and watch alien documentaries in his free time. 

Chayse Magnetti
Warehouse Manager

Chayse makes sure everything runs smoothly in the warehouse and drives our trucks. He also helps at the airport when needed! 

FUN FACT:  Chayse enjoys playing golf in his free time. 

Marcus Gonzales
Inventory Manager

Marcus takes care of our inventory and helps everyone in the office with various tasks. 

FUN FACT: Marcus likes to play basketball and watch Marvel movies in his free time. 

Ashley Winder

Ashley takes care of all of our marketing and advertising needs. She also helps in the office and puts in the spray jobs. 

FUN FACT: Ashley hates winter and wishes she lived in Key West! 

Robert Engel

Robert helps out in the warehouse and drives our delivery trucks! 

FUN FACT: Robert enjoys fishing in his free time. 

Jon Gumaer

Jon is one of our sales guys.  He also helps with some deliveries and around the office and warehouse when needed. 

FUN FACT:  Jon has triplet children, another child, and 8 grandkids! 

Mitch Worthington
Ag Pilot

Mitch is our main ag pilot. He is probably the one that is spraying your pastures! 

FUN FACT:  Mitch is a brand new Dad and he likes to go bow hunting in his free time! 

Ed Parra

Ed takes care of our spray planes and makes sure they are in top shape to take care of your fields!  He also does some spraying for us. 

FUN FACT: Ed loves to spend as much time as he can outdoors doing all sorts of activities!