"Hello, this is Griff..."

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Griff Malleck grew up on a farm in Indianola Nebraska, where his dad, grandfather, and great grandfather were all successful farmers. Griff says his father did not want him to be a farmer, because of all the stress that comes with farm life. Since his dad had a love for planes and his uncle flew for a living, becoming an airplane mechanic seemed like the next best choice. Griff started flying at age 16 and got his pilot’s license just a year later. He married his high school sweetheart Vickie, and they moved to Broomfield, Colorado so he could attend school to become an airplane mechanic. When he graduated, he could not find a job there, so they moved back to Nebraska and Griff took a job at McCook Flying Services.

Griff credits his wife Vickie for much of the success. Vickie worked full time to provide for the family and make sure the bills were paid during the early years when Griff was just starting out as the owner of Red Willow Aviation. Griff says that even though she never actually worked at Red Willow Aviation, Vickie was an integral part of its success.  

Griff purchased the business in 1980 and at the time it operated as a maintenance repair shop and aerial application business. He knew that he had to continue to do new things throughout the years in order to stay competitive. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s he tried many new ideas and eventually got into the bulk chemical business. He went on to build a customer base all throughout the Midwest. In 2003, Red Willow Aviation outgrew their location at the airport and moved into our current location on Airport Road. Today, Griff has a few more employees and continues to build his customer base and be a prominent influence in our community.